I was born in Sanford, North Carolina on March 3, 2002. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. My best friend's names are Hannah, Madison and Chris. I like to run, swim, ice skate, and listen to music. I like to play instruments as well.

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  • My Class Schedule 2020
    Course Name Teacher Time
    Pit Percussion Cook A. 7:45-8:32
    Web Design l Pullam H. 8:38-9:25
    Business Law Davis P. 9:31-10:18
    Advisory 12 Hill J. 10:24-10:59
    Literature As Film McDaniel N. 11:05-11:52
    Accounting l Huddleston C. 12:27-1:14
    Criminal Justice Clark K. 1:20-2:07
    Contemporary Issues Clark K. 2:13-3:00